Privacy policy

Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance Policy
This Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance Policy (Chapter 486) (the “Ordinance”) applies to all customers of
When you apply for and / or become our member, it is possible for you to provide personal information to our company (the "Personal Information"). If the personal information you provided is incomplete or incorrect, we may not be able to provide / continue to provide membership services. We promise to keep your personal information confidentially all the time. Regarding to the personal data file, use, retention, disclosure, transfer, security and access, our company's policies and practices will be consistent with the ordinance and the provisions of this policy statement.
You agree that our company can use and retain any personal information you provided to intended use as the below:
1.  to provide the membership services;
2.  to spread out the information related with our company for promotion use;
3. to handle the conflict of benefit produced by membership service or the associated;
4. to analysis, verification and / or audit and provide services related to your membership status;
5. to ensure that we can fulfill our obligations according to other industry’s practices.
According to the statement policy, you have the right:
1. to verify whether we hold your personal information;
2. to review your personal data which was kept by our company;
3. to require our company to correct any incorrect personal information;
4. to check the policies of personal data and ensure the type of personal information we kept.
If you want to inquire, correct personal information or requests for the policy and implementation practices and personal data, please send a written request to us at, please indicate your name, and / or office name, address and membership number.


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